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OMG so many OC's.

No estoy muy seguro, hermano, de que subir una animacion en espaƱol tan basada en el lenguaje, en una pagina mayoritariamente en ingles sea una muy buena idea. Podrian probar intentar con subtitulos. Saludos de argentina, hermanos colombianos ^^

MatrimeleeStudios responds:

Eso ya me habian dicho anteriormente, pero de todas formas muchas gracias saludos a la Argentina
de un colombiano que los quiere mucho

c'mon, man...

DerekAutista responds:


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This game is hard when you're drunk...great work :D

hmmmm...feels like i played this before...nice pixel graphics, though. :D

I really like the art, it has a nice kingdom-rushy thing to it...it may douchy but i mean it as a compliment :D. also, i know the game is not about violence, but i was somewhat dissapointed with the lack of reaction whenever one of the guys received a rock in the face.
The music is catchy, and the voices are hilarious.
I had some problem finding the retry button the first time i tried to...well...retry game to get all the ankhs. but that's me being a dummy :D

danishgoel responds:

Thanks, we also thought about having some reaction from peasants when a rock hit them, but did not implement that feature mainly out of time constraint. We will surely add this in the sequel ;)

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The perspective on the feet seems a little bit off; looks like he's hovering, or something idk...anyway, i love what you do, man; it is, in my opinion, a perfect style for lovecraft's stories.

ThePsychoSheep responds:

I always screw up the perspective when it comes to placing :(

First of all, i think you should say that you've used a reference and link the image :)

I'm happy that i can see you in this painting ^^...anyways, my biggest problem wit this is the approach you took, you see aging is not only about wrinkles; as a matter of facts the shape of your skull changes quite a bit as you get older, the relative size of the features (proportions) varies a lot also and you've to take into account how gravity affects it all and so on and so forth...there's some studies regarding that subject in loomis's books and you can always check photographs for further references.

Overall nice work, mate. Keep it up ^^

nunbul responds:

You should check the link I've put on the end of my description, since the entire progress can be found there. You can find the reference there, along with my appriach. I learned a lot about aging, and there were many people that helped, but I didn't want to distort her features that much. She's not an iconic character and I wanted her face to still be recognizable.

Thanks for your comment! This is my 4th drawng after all, I'm still learning :)

This is amazing...a bit close to home : |

---Jojododo_out--- XD lol

linda-mota responds:

i suppose that's a good thing? thank you btw!

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