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This game is hard when you're drunk...great work :D

hmmmm...feels like i played this before...nice pixel graphics, though. :D

I really like the art, it has a nice kingdom-rushy thing to it...it may douchy but i mean it as a compliment :D. also, i know the game is not about violence, but i was somewhat dissapointed with the lack of reaction whenever one of the guys received a rock in the face.
The music is catchy, and the voices are hilarious.
I had some problem finding the retry button the first time i tried to...well...retry game to get all the ankhs. but that's me being a dummy :D

danishgoel responds:

Thanks, we also thought about having some reaction from peasants when a rock hit them, but did not implement that feature mainly out of time constraint. We will surely add this in the sequel ;)

Very nice little game. I like the colour blind friendly option, that's very thoughtful (or not, considering the game is somewhat based on colours; but anyway is easy to miss that one out). Moreover, I don't really want to be that guy, but i think there's a typo at the end of level 14/15, idk...where it says "if you leave the tab open", shouldn't it be "opened", then again, maybe i'm just "spanishing" english grammar :D; but the text is a nice touch nevertheless. "let's talk about you cracked me up.
The "undo" button makes the game a lot less frustating, i guess, and it certainly needs music.

campugnatus responds:

Thanks for the review and the 5 stars! :)

I'm not a native speaker myself, but it seems that "open" can be used as an adjective, e.g. http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/leave+the+door+open

And I don't really see any reason for this game to have music beside the fact that most games have some. Not that there's an atmosphere to sustain, or something.

hey,mate...found what it seems to be a bug; if you jump and hover next to a wall, after a while you hit an invisible floor, making it possible to climb walls.

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